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What is a culture of care?

Health benefits and vacation days aren’t enough to keep employees - that’s the bare minimum. Companies should create and foster a culture of care.

For job seekers, find a job that cares about YOU.

How do you know if a company cares? Here are a few uncomfortable questions to ask on your next interview.

1. What do you enjoy about working for this company? What do you find challenging?

2. How many years do employees normally stay?

3. How are employees supported?

4. I am looking for a caring work environment, in what ways does this company put care into practice?

5. Why should I work here?

Use the interview process to explore. Is this new opportunity the right fit?

For those stuck in your current place of employment, challenge leadership to put care into practice. What does that look like?

1. Ask for a cost of living pay increase.

2. Review Human Resource policies, how is work-life balance defined?

3. Discuss salaries with peers, is your pay competitive?

Two examples of companies cultivating care.

Care is providing opportunities for employees to grow, develop, and feel valued. Some are forced to stay in their current place of work but seek ways to improve your environment. Or shift.

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