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Apply, you're ready.

It’s hiring season. Whether you refer to it as the great resignation or great reevaluation, it’s time to dust off that resume and LAUNCH.

Look across the room at your coworker. That person with little experience or common sense but somehow makes more than you. Chile, I can share countless examples of mediocre people making extraordinary pay.

Listen, you deserve a paycheck that reflects your education and talents.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Remember when you provided strategic oversight for your area; established partnerships with external stakeholders, developed and trained your team while managing a large budget??? That was all you.

Add those years of leadership experience to your CV.

Are you ready to get that gig?

That six-figure job that you are afraid to apply for is ready for you.

Besides, gas prices are wayyyy too high to play games. And housing? How can young professionals afford to lease an apartment? Ya’ll the average apartment price is expected to hit $2,000.

Stop playing and apply. Tis’ the season for tons of job openings.

Need help getting started? Connect with me at

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