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Watch Me Shift

Updated: Mar 28

Three years into a mid-management position and it’s that time. The constant feeling of confusion, and restlessness is a burden. Can you relate?


Forever grateful for the increased professional network, newly acquired skills, and programs I have established.

But it’s Time to shift. Office jobs are stifling. Some individuals welcome the stability of the traditional 8 to 5 office world. For creatives, like you and me  it’s a struggle. A struggle I have managed to accept for over a decade but then Covid. Covid and the pandemic caused life to shift. Six months of remote work and I was sold.

Remote work was peaceful, and productive. The office return was painful and contrived.

Covid was still spreading yet we were forced back to normal office activities. Normal activities wearing masks, social distancing and no in-person events. Thinking, why we are here again?

For administrators, being on-site does not increase productivity. Productivity is a mindset. Either you are committed to the mission and getting work done or your not. Look around the workplace, are colleagues grinding for eight hours straight?

Stop with the staff aren’t getting any work done from home myth.

Remote work benefits: comfortable attire, pets by your side, and control.

  1. The yoga and sweatpants season was remarkable. Who knew work could be so cozy.

  2. Pets offer unconditional love and emotional support.

  3. And control. The ability to turn certain people off and on. No unexpected visits that turn into half an hour conversation.

What does shifting look like? It starts with belief. A belief that YOU and I can do this. We are creative geniuses with ideas flowing. Ready to get started?

Book a discovery session and let’s shift.

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